By Gabriel with a 2017 Hayabusa

I ordered a set of shorties before I even took delivery of my 2017 Hayabusa. Somehow, I managed to enter the wrong state for my delivery address, and after a brief call to Pam Coffman the problem was fixed and she even threw in a T-Shirt for good measure! And did I mention that 2 day shipping was free? Fantastic product and customer service second to none. Installation was a breeze and I just cannot get enough of the sound, 10/10 would recommend. Thank you again!

- Gabriel

Love this Shorty Coffman on my Ninja 300

By FW with a Kawasaki Ninja 300

I have had this on my 2014 ninja 300 for a couple of months. I love the sound of this thing and could not imagine having the baffle out. It is loud!!!!
I can say I have not noticed a power gain or power loss. I have not done any kind of tuning on the bike since I put the Coffman on.
It looks great on the bike and sounds awesome. If you were thinking about putting one of these on your bike, stop thinking and do it, you will love it… Loud pipes save lives….

It sounds like HUNDREDS of LIONS making love to a VOLCANO in a THUNDER & KILLER BEE APOCALYPSE!!!

By Lxcxyx with a Kawasaki Ninja 300

Its not even the same bike anymore. Sounds soooo much better than the stock exhaust. Had to buy a drill bit and a pop rivet gun to install it but it was well worth it. The bike is a little snappier now as well because of how heavy the old exhaust was. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Just do it!

By Anthony with a Honda CBR 500 F-X

If you are like me you are scrolling through all these exhausts and thinking why are they so expensive? Then you come to the Coffman one and go well that's reasonable but it probably doesn't sound that good. Well you are wrong. I took the gamble and you should too! Those YouTube videos don't give this slip on any justice. It sounds amazing!!! I was more than impressed! Only thing if you want to secure this properly you will need to drill one small hole. They provide the pin. Other than that it take literally 2 minutes to install.

Made in the USA!

By Ted with an FJR1300

After riding with these shorty exhausts on my FJR1300 for 3,000 miles I have to say I absolutely love them. Half of the time I had the baffle in and half out. Either way they are such an upgrade over my factory exhaust. Honestly they released the soul of the bike I knew had to be in there but was bottled up by the 40 lbs. worth of factory cans on it for the first 26k of miles of its life. My only regret is that I did not do this 26k miles ago. Install was super easy. I love the look. The price is good. Made in USA! When I open it up and let loose that throaty growl it was always meant to have I am reminded once again why I ride a motorcycle. Thank you Coffman's Exhaust for making a high quality product I will never be without.

Art with a ZX10R Anniversary Addition

I just wanted to drop you a quick note telling you that I received the shorty exhaust and installed it yesterday, Sunday the 15th!! I received it in two days and it was packaged perfect with no damage and no scratches. Being very mechanical with an extensive watercraft background, the installation was a breeze for me. I will have no problem recommending this particular exhaust, or any of your exhausts, to anybody out there. I was hesitant at first because I kind of had my heart set on the Austin Racing GP mount. (their short stubby one) In the end I just couldn't justify spending almost $800 to de-cat my bike. When I came across what Coffman's had to offer, I instantly thought about your past watercraft products. Second to none!!! Not only was I aware of Coffman's quality, but I was also very happy to find out that you were still in business. Doing something different, but still in business. I told myself I would give it a shot.... just like I had back in the day racing watercraft. I'm so glad I did. The quality is amazing, it fit exactly as it should, it looks killer and it sounds AMAZING. I was a little bit concerned on whether or not it would be loud enough. Some of the videos that I actually were able to find on the Internet didn't seem to dude this thing justice. They never do, but I think it's even more so with the Coffman's for some odd reason. Anyhow, I love it. It's loud, but a very "throaty and awesome" loud.... not just an "obnoxious" loud. I'm 51 years old, but I'm smiling like a giddy, little, school kid when I think about how I was able to de-cat my bike for $220 with free, 2 day shipping!! Unreal. That's absolutely unheard of for an American made, quality product. Worth more than what you are selling it for!
Thank you very much again and please feel free to use this on your testimonial page. I am sure that we will be talking again in the future!

I have also linked you to my Amazon review.


Five Stars

By Tom with a Yamaha YZF-R3

Looks awesome installed, makes the bike sound mean, and noticeable power increase!

My favorite exhaust!

By Tony with a Yamaha R6R(03-05) R6S(06-09)

I've had many well known brand exhausts, and now after a month of riding this exhaust i can honestly say I'm never going back to the others. The sound, is just perfect in my opinion. Pretty damn loud too, even louder without the silencer.

It sounds amazing!

By Kevin with a Honda CBR 250

I got it for my 2013 CBR250R and it maybe put a total of 10 minutes to install. Compared to the stock exhaust it is life changing. The stock exhaust sounds like a moped and this shorty exhaust makes it sound like it has a bigger engine than it actually does and it growls. Some reviews said that it was too loud but I would disagree, it is the perfect volume and gets everybody's attention! Overall it was easily worth the money and would definitely buy it again for another bike!

American made and American trusted

By Zlee76 with a Honda CBR 250

Very nice system! It makes my cbr250r sound so much better! It also made the ride smoother. Also, coffman is a great company.